Get the Book

Financial Management in the Church is available as a paperback through Amazon for $25.00.  Or, I would be happy to send you a PDF file of the book for $15.

Contact:  K. Peter Henrickson, 3004 NE 87th Ave, Vancouver, WA 98662 or peter.henrickson “at”


“I appreciate the general sensibility of all that was said. . . .Very favorable impression, including presentation.  Had sense of strong focus on fundamentals.  I wish others from my own church could have been exposed to this session. . . . I think you are far and away the best adviser on UU church finance that I have been exposed to.”                                  Richard E., Congregational President

“I went to your presentation at Quebec City and was very impressed.”                                Greg S.

“All of your ideas were thought provoking.  Great job!  Thanks for your work.”                    Doug R.

“Thanks for putting out such terrific materials for us all.”                                                    Linda S. B., Denominational Trustee

“I am communicating everything to my church Canvass Committee because I think the ideas are great. . . I like the no-nonsense, logical approach to money and asking for it.”  Louise M.

“I have found your presentations and materials helpful.  I have shared them with our finance committee, ministers, and other leaders.  Thank you for your help.”                    Betty H.

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